Saturday, 7 September 2013

My Lord of The Rings collection

Hi all!

I decided to show off my few versions of my LOTR books. 
It's a series I love ..both the books and the films. I think they were my first obsession. I would watch the movies over and over and read the books at least once a year. I've struggled to do this recently with so many books on my TBR list I couldn't justify reading them again and again.

This is actually my dads. He has had this for decades so it is well read and was the first version I tried to read. (When I was very young I attempted to read it but it was a little too difficult) 
This is the trilogy in one book so it's quite a monster!

These were the editions I first owned. I got them just before the release of the movies when I was probably around 12 or 13 . As you can see they have the movie book covers.
 They are also very well read.

In my school days you had to take a book to school to read at the beginning of an English lesson ( Best 5 mins of school) and the large books (Above) used to be tricky to take in my school bag so I came across this set which is the books spread between 7 copies therefore being much smaller to carry around ( the days before e-readers) 
I think I only read the first book and the rest are unread.

As you can see this is an anniversary edition. It is sooo pretty.
This one hasn't been read and I never will read it so it can stay in great condition.
I love the idea of cherishing it and showing it to my kids one day just like my dad showed me his copy.

This version is the most recent.
They are I suppose from the movie but the pictures are actually artwork from the movie not image stills.
I haven't read this version either but they do look like a good size and comfy to hold.

I am unsure whether I will read these or stick to my very read already damaged ones.

Have you guys got any books that you collect? 
Have you ever bought books that you knew you would never read and would just be to look pretty on your shelf?
I would love to know what you guys collect and pray its not just me with the problem haha.


  1. Oh, I've never read the series. I know, shame on me. I should. :) But these books so loved!

  2. I collect Harry Potter books and have some I won't read or will read a little of very carefully. ;) Your LOTR books in the first couple pictures look well loved. Fun to see all the different covers.


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