Friday, 13 April 2012

Review: A Night To Remember by Walter Lord

'Joughin casually tightened his lifebelt. Then he glanced at his watch - it said 2.15. As an afterthought, he took it off and stuck it into his hip pocket. He was beginning to puzzle over his position when he felt the stern dropping under his feet - it was like taking an elevator. As the sea closed over the stern, Joughin stepped off into the water'

On 14 April 1912, just before midnight on a clear moonless sea, the White Star Line's massive cruise liner struck an iceberg. She sank within hours. Of 2,200 passengers and crew, only 700 survived.


Okay we all know what happens in the end of this one. Walter Lord's A Night To Remember has been regarded as the best account of what happened on that dreadful night. James Cameron even used it to help make his multi million, award winning film Titanic.
A Night To Remember starts with the spotting of the iceberg. So we delve straight into the action. We read from many different points of view from the passengers that survived to tell the tale.
 Walter Lord spoke to many of the survivors of the ship and used their stories to help tell his own. Conversations are as they remember them and details as they were. 
Of course there are some fictional elements and discrepancies but it's a fascinating book.
Throughout the book I find myself tearing up at the sheer tragedy of it all. The moments where you wish someone had dealt with the problem in a way that many more would have survived. 
There are many parts of this story that I didn't know and was shocked to read about.
The book delves into those last moments of the Titanic and what happened to those aboard at that terrifying time.
If you have any interest in the Titanic, then you should read this book.

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  1. Great review, this one was a good book and yeah..there are some discrepancies but a great tale none the less!